Duncan’s Heating and Air offers a routine service contract
for your heating and/or air conditioning unit.

  •  We keep track of scheduling your service (up to 4 times per year depending on your
  • We service the unit before it’s usage is in high demand
  • We recommend service 2 times per year; late spring to prepare for summer heat and mid fall to prepare for winter. Again, the final decision is yours!
  •  We will be able to arrive with the correct size filters and service parts for your unit
  • Routine service on all units help keep them “healthy”
  • Test to ensure unit is not emitting deadly toxins
  • Units that run properly will cover the cost of this service in savings on your electric bill

Our service contract does NOT included:

  •  Replacement parts beyond filters
  •  Repair work needed beyond routine service work
  •  Refrigerant needed to recharge your unit

Again, you are in control of the number of scheduled service calls per year we make.
If this sounds like a piece of mind you want to have please thoroughly read the
contract, fill in your personal information (we will fill in HVAC information)
including the number of routine services you would like, and mail the paperwork to us. We will call
you to set up service appointments!

Download Service Contract